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Unlike the Japanese custom of eating a lunch box cold, Taiwanese prefer a warm lunch box. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends keeping healthy by eating warm food and avoiding cold food. Therefore it is very normal to eat three hot meals a day in Taiwan. The Taiwanese lunch box generally contains three parts: one portion of meat or fish, one portion a side dish which usually has at least two vegetables, and one portion of rice.

Taiwanese lunch boxTaiwanese lunch box

Taiwanese burger (Gua bao)

Because its shape and stuffing are like a tiger's mouth biting a piece of pork, it is also known as “tiger biting pig” in Taiwan. Since it's is eaten like a hamburger, we also call it “Taiwanese burger”.  In A-Mui, we offer handmade steamed buns with traditional Taiwanese filling: braised pork belly, salted picked mustard and coriander. The whole is then sprinked with a suger-and-peanut powder. A genuine taste of Taiwan! We also offer vegetarian version with braised tofu.

Taiwanese burgers Taiwanese burgers

Please keep in mind that our food is to take away only and may not be eaten in the shop.

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